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SCArchitect, Inc.’s interest in designing institutional and public facilities is not “just another project” but a desire to share with our clients the process and knowledge of design that we have established and acquired over several decades. It is the firm’s perpetual goal to provide architecture that is not only aesthetically pleasing to form and function but also is economical, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly.

The firm has served as consulting architect for many school districts since its beginning. While many school districts wish to work with multiple architects, SCArchitect, Inc. strives to develop and maintain a working relationship with every client. SCArchitect, Inc. has or is currently working with the following districts:

  • Atascadero Unified School District

  • Bakersfield City School District

  • Buttonwillow Union School District

  • Cuyama Joint Unified School District

  • Delano Union School District

  • Elk Hills School District

  • Greenfield Union School District

  • Kern High School District

  • Kernville Union School District

  • Kern Community College District

  • Maricopa Unified School District

  • Mojave Unified School District

  • Midway School District

  • Norris School District

  • Panama/Buena Vista Unified School District

  • Richland School District

  • Rio Bravo-Greeley Union School District

  • Rosedale Union School District

  • Sierra Sands Unified School District

  • Standard School District

  • Taft City School District

  • Terra Bella Union School District

  • Wasco Union High School District

  • California State University-Bakersfield

Master Plan Projects

Projects almost always need to be designed with the anticipation of future growth. Additions to existing facilities require thoughtful planning to enhance the project within which it is to be integrated. SCArchitect, Inc studies each project to ensure the needs of our clients are met with regards to future growth with minimal interruption to existing operations. It is our desire that any addition to an existing facility become a part of the whole and as such blends into the original design to present a unified solution that is esthetically correct to form and is functional to the client’s program.

Reconstruction/ Modernization Projects

SCArchitect, Inc Realizes that our clients’ needs and operations may change as years pass and many spaces become congested and begin to function inefficiently. The firm has completed reconstruction/modernization projects ranging from deferred maintenance such as re-roofing and HVAC upgrades to comprehensive modernization of entire systems and spatial re-programming.

Structural Evaluation and Seismic Retrofit

Our team of professional consulting engineers are both knowledgeable and experienced at evaluating the structural integrity of structures and providing comprehensive solutions that will qualify the structure to meet the California seismic codes. SCArchitect, Inc works with our team of engineers to ensure that the structural solutions are both financially and esthetically fitting to our clients’ needs and wishes.

Assessment of Facility Needs

SCArchitect, Inc has had extensive experience evaluating existing facilities for compliance with Federal and State Building and Accessibility codes. Recent projects include modernization of schools and Facilities Needs Assessments for several school districts. Quite often we are asked to place Relocatable Classrooms on an existing campus. We understand that even the addition of one classroom can trigger many other code issues. Therefore, an analysis of existing accessibility features to determine upgrades that the Division of State Architect, Fire-Life -Safety and Access Compliance will require from Path of Travel to public way, accessible parking spaces, accessible restrooms, drinking fountains, to fire alarms, gate access, fire flow, assistive listening devices and playgrounds can be performed to ensure our clients’ projects meet current codes.

Professional Services
  • Architecture

  • Reconstruction and Modernization

  • Planning

  • Engineering

Professional Fees

​We, at SCArchitect, Inc pride ourselves on our quality of service. We believe that this is exemplified by the number of our clientele that return and utilize our services on other projects. Those clients have experienced the design process and become aware of the cost of professional services and how those costs are developed. For those potential clients who have not worked with an architect before, there are a number of questions that typically arise. By clinking on the link, Architect’s Fees, we hope that we can provide some answers to our potential clients as to the design process and the associated costs

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